The Bury Primary Learning Collaborative

The Bury Primary Learning Collaborative (BPLC) is a strategic partner in the Teaching School Alliance.

The fundamental principle of the Collaborative is a group of schools working together to enhance staff Professional Learning (CPD) in ways which add value over and above the impact of schools working separately. This involves managing the resources for Professional Learning (CPD) – people and money – in ways, which increase the capacity of individual schools. Collaborative working increases coherence of the many national initiatives by building a sustainable local model that draws upon the strengths and good practice of the 64 primary schools in Bury.

This method of working does not create additional workload, but gives the opportunity to commission (using funding from individual schools) services to organise, deliver and maintain a professional learning partnership, that meets the individual development needs of all school staff and improve the life chances of children in Bury.

More information about the work of the BPLC can be found on their website.