Core Bury Primary NQT Programme 2017 - 2018

The BPLC has commissioned the Bury Teaching Schools Alliance to, once again, run the CPD programme for Bury Primary NQTs during 2017 – 2018.

At the end of last term, we requested feedback from Head teacher colleagues, delegates and mentors about the 2016 - 2017 programme and we had a very positive response. This is a summary of the feedback:


  • The residential was really valuable especially sessions on Kagan Structures and the key speaker Andy Griffiths.
  • The school visits were motivational and the NQTs brought practical ideas back to the classroom which impacted upon learning.
  • Our NQTs appreciated the opportunity to network together this may result in partnership working with several schools.

Even better if…

  • More practical sessions on key focus areas e.g. what is maths mastery? How to teach a good guided reading session.
  • What a good piece of work looks like and good marking and feedback
  • In preparation for subject leadership maybe the final session could have some guidance for NQTs with regard to planning and monitoring a subject across the school.



  • Sessions were very informative and helpful
  • These are essential for consistency especially if a school has more than one mentor
  • The file is comprehensive and provides superb guidance for new mentors.

Even better if…

  • Guidance on content of induct forms. Clarification on  what detail is required each term.

NQT Delegates


  • The session was really engaging with great speakers. Would definitely recommend keeping this session available for future NQTs
  • It gave me some fantastic ideas to use in my class to ensure accountability. The quality resources are very helpful.
  • Thank you for a really useful day, I will definitely use some of these strategies and techniques within my class.
  • It has been a great opportunity to network and share ideas with other NQTs
  • Please keep the NQT course, it really is brilliant and was a big reason I applied to the Bury Teaching Pool.

Even better if...

  • Having a longer Early Years session earlier on in the year
  • Printed resources although they are available online

We have considered the feedback and will endeavour to include as many of the even better ifs into this year’s programme for NQTs and Mentors alike.

Once again, the programme for 2017- 2018 is majority funded by BPLC and participating schools pay a discounted price, which is invoiced separately by the BPLC, per NQT for the year. This is an all-inclusive price and includes the full cost of the residential that will take place in March 2018.

For non-BPLC schools, the full cost of the NQT programme, is paid directly to the BPLC. An invoice will be sent to non-BPLC schools who sign–up for their NQT to participate in the programme.  Unfortunately, there is no option to selectively buy into parts of the programme, the BPLC Board has resolved that non-BPLC members can only buy into the full programme.

How to book:

The BPLC admin team are dealing with all matters relating to NQT course bookings and invoicing.

Please contact either Jill Allen or Mike Hammond at the BPLC to book your NQT onto the course. Their contact details are:

Phone number:  0161 603 4628

Email is:

Email for booking training:

We look forward to another fantastic year!